Ein audiovisueller Rundblick aus drei Teilen in 2962 Meter Seehöhe an der Grenze Österreich – Deutschland.


Zugspitze – Westgipfel | Lambdaprint 100 x 66 cm | 2010

Zugspitze – Mittelgipfel | Tonstück 05:46 min | stereo | 2010


Zugspitze – Ostgipfel | Lambdaprint 100 x 66 cm | 2010

Übersetzung der Gespräche im Tonstück ins Englische


mountaineer – male (b1)
2nd montaineer – male (b2)
3rd montaineer – male (b3)
4th montaineer – male (b4)
montaineer – female (b)
calling woman (f)
man (m)

(b1) It ends down there and then you have to go up with the cable car and then you get to the top.
(b2) And what house is it there?
(b1) That is the Münchner Haus.
(b2) Oh, here already!
(b1) Yes, that is the Münchner Haus.
(b2) I see, oh God!

(f) No, no, we don’t go there, but we’ve … that’s about 10 meters … no, no, we see it well, the cross … well, we’ve been here, wait a sec, what time is it now? Half past two or what’s the time? … Half past two. We arrived, on the top we were at half past twelve, we were on the Zugspitz … Well, we went up with the cog railroad, yes and it’s great … and … well, now we went up with the cable car and then we’ll go down with it. Down to the Eibsee … ‘cause there’s the car.

(b1) I’ve already registered. At 2 pm we should be at the accommodation desk –
(b2) yes
(b1) they’ll put us together –
(b2) yes
(b1) I should wait, we should go there with our minds made up –
(b2) yes
(b1) I have the place 1, but they’ll put us together, therefore I should come with you. But maybe we should wait for those two.
(b3) It might still last!
(b1) Really?
(b3) At least still one and a half or even two hours.
(b1) Well, that’s OK!

(f) Yes, with the cable car … exactly, but … yes, but Dad that … yes, it’s a dream – the mountains are like a dream! Really, I’d rather not go back! … hahaha … yes, I am thinking of you … All right Dad, is Mum already there?

(b1) This lady asked me: well, when are they coming? And I said: don’t you have a simpler question? How should I know that? I said: at 6 they leave Höllentalhütte. She said: we’ll keep it free until 6 pm.
(b2) No, it shouldn’t be kept free, it’s been booked!
(b1) No, no, they use your place! If you’re not there until 6 pm they allocate them anew!
(b2) We are here!
(b1) Yes! I’ve said so!
(b3) We might go there and act as if we were all here – 5 people.
(b1) No, no, no, no! They’ve asked me explicitly! Why five, there’re six registered? I say: one’s still coming! They looked at me so stupidly.
(b4) One has fallen down.

(f) Hello Mum! … Yes, we’re sitting on the Zugspitze … well. It’s cloudy, well the clouds are always moving, so you don’t have such a great panorama view, but they open from time to time. It’s delightful … yes … it’s really, really super … yes, hahaha….
(m) greet them!
(f) hahaha … yes.

(b3) The problem is, that there’re 60 or 40 places here. 40, right?
(b2) Yes. Yesterday evening they had probably no-one –
(b3) these are the ones up there, with the small windows.
(b1) Yes, I assume it, I assume.
(b4) But let’s be realistic! It’s half past two now. Until 6 pm they are double as ( … unintelligible … ) they should easily manage it.
(b2) Don’t you think?
(b3) Eh?
(b2) Don’t you think?
(b1) No? Are they so far behind? Oh!

(f) Yes, no, really! I’ve had it really … as we were going up in the cable car, I was thinking: oh, you’d like it so much … I know. I’ve never been here. Now I have finally been once … but it’s really fantastic and there’s hardly anything more beautiful than the mountains. Yes, that’s really like that … really true. Anyway, it’s really dreamlike!

(b2) We made in the meantime only a small break of quarter of an hour after the snowfield, then we went on without stopping. Of course if they make now one hour, and then again quarter of an hour break –
(b3) doesn’t matter in case of each ( … unintelligible … ) per every 100 meters in height they’ve made a break of almost twenty minutes.

(f) And I just wanted to tell you, that we’re okay and we’re on the top and enjoy it … yes, with pleasure … always, always Mum … yes … yes, thank you … yes, thank you, we’ve already … yes back … Bye Mum … Bye … Bye … Bye … Bye.
(f to m) Dad sends his love.

(b1) ( … ) already some time around! –
(b2) yes
(b) ( … ) sitting down or are you going on?
(b2) Hello!
(b3) Hello!
(b) Hi, are you sitting down or are you going on?
(b2) No, first we need to –
(b3) first we need to get places to sleep!
(b) Well, will you take one for me as well? Yes! I‘m also staying here!


Cover zur Audio-CD Zugspitze – Mittelgipfel